Intresserad av viktkontroll, fetma, metabola sjukdomar, eller effekten av fetma på reproduktion?

Kom och lyssna och diskutera med forskare som presenterar spännande ny forskning inom området! Vi välkomnar dig till den tvärvetenskapliga kongressen Animal Obesity – causes, consequences and comparative aspects i Uppsala den 14-16 juni 2015.  Reducerad avgift före 29 april. För mer information ta en titt på programmet nedan och på

Vi ser fram emot ditt deltagande och välkomnar dig till Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet i Uppsala!

Bästa hälsningar,

Malin Gustavsson, kongressekreterare




Söndag 14 juni

18.00 Welcome reception
Måndag 15 juni
8.00 Registration and coffee
8.45 Welcome, Bodil Ström Holst, Programme director of the organizing research platform Future Animal Health and Welfare
9.00 Turnover of  human fat cells and their lipid content, Professor Peter Arner, Sweden
9.45 Plasma insulin concentration is affected by body condition in Icelandic horses, Gudrun Stefansdottir, Iceland
10.00 In vivo assessment of canine muscle adiposity by real time ultrasonography and image analysis, Rita Payan-Carreira, Portugal
10.15 Networking break and coffee
10.45 Equine metabolic syndrome, Professor Raymond Geor, USA
11.30 Comparison between the euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp and the use of proxies for determination of insulin sensitivity in horses, Johan Bröjer, Sweden
11.45 A modified oral sugar test for evaluation of insulin and glucose dynamics in horses, Sanna Truelsen Lindåse, Sweden
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Blood pressure in Warmblood horses before and after a euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp, Katarina Nostell, Sweden
13.15 Perceptions of obesity in a UK leisure-based population of horse owners, Philippa Morrison, UK
13.30 Prevalence of equine obesity in Sweden assessed from official animal welfare control data, Peta Hitchens, Sweden
13.45 Exploring weight data on over 100 000 Swedish dogs of various breeds, Åke Hedhammar, Sweden
14.00 The prevalence of obesity in mature Icelandic horses in Denmark, Rasmus Jensen, Denmark
14.15 Coffee and posters (odd numbers presented)
14.45 Consequences of obesity on reproduction, Professor Inger Sundström Poromaa, Sweden
15.30 Hyperinsulinemia during in vitro oocyte maturation changes gene expression of insulin signaling in bovine Day-8 embryos, Denise Laskowski, Sweden
15.45 Impaired insulin sensitivity and reduced fertility in obese dairy cows, Kjell Holtenius, Sweden
16.00 Effects of feed intensity and breed on postpartum blood metabolites, Theodoros Ntallaris, Sweden
16.15 Summary day 1
16.30 End of scientific programme day 1
18.00 Social activity
Tisdag 16 juni
8.30 Registration
9.00 Lifestyle and diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs, Professor Charlotte Björnvad, Denmark
9.45 Feline diabetes mellitus – the Swedish situation, Malin Öhlund, Sweden
10.00 Biological variation of serum insulin concentrations in healthy cats, Emma Strage, Sweden
10.15 Coffee and posters (even numbers presented)
10.45 Obesity – an inflammatory state, Dr Isabelle Wolowczuk, France
11.30 Serum concentrations of C-reactive protein (CRP) in lean and overweight dogs, Anna Hillström, Sweden
11.45 A new test for canine intestinal mucosa permeability, Ragnvi Hagman, Sweden
12.00 Lunch
13.00 The importance of the microbiome and metabolome in health and disease of dogs and cats, Associate professor Jan Suchodolski, USA
13.45 Dietary supplements to a low protein diet may affect the occurrence of hepatic lipidosis in mink – a strict carnivore, Connie Frank Matthiesen, Denmark
14.00 Networking break and coffee
14.30 Weight management in dogs and cats, Dr Alex German, UK
15.15 Development and validation of the Dog Obesity Risk and Appetite (DORA) Questionnaire, Eleanor Raffan, UK
15.30 Energy expenditure in dogs before and after body weight reduction, Caroline Larsson, Denmark
15.45 Dogs and the City. The role of urban landscape for dog walking habits, and health benefits for people and dogs, Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin, Sweden
16.00 Panel discussion (moderated by Johan Beck-Friis?): Which are the future challenges, and how do we meet them?
16.45 Summary
17.00 Farewell



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